Local Martial Arts Movie Wins Award At International Film Festival

A big win for a local movie.

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Local Martial Arts Movie Wins Award At International Film Festival
Say what you will about local movies, we do have some gems that are capable of winning international film festivals.

One just did so recently.

One big win for local movies

reported that a local martial arts film made the country proud by winning an award at an international film festival.

The movie titled 'Geran' has been named the recipient of the Daniel A.Craft Award at the 19th New York Asian Film Festival (NYAFF). 

'Geran' picked up the award for its excellence in action cinema, Bernama reported.

The director of the movie, Areel Abu Bakar, told the news agency that the team and crew are very happy with the win, as the movie can be used as a platform to raise awareness about the martial arts and culture of the Malaysian community.

“We never expected to receive outside recognition. This is the first award received for the movie 'Geran', which is also my first film,” he was quoted as saying.

Hope this serves as an inspiration.
The movie, starring local stars such as Namron, Khoharullah Majid, Feina Tajuddin and Megat Shahrizal,  reportedly features real martial arts exponents, who also reportedly choreographed their own stunts.

Filmed using the producers’ own budget, 'Geran' tells the story of a martial arts family having to defend their land and home after a family member runs away with the land title grant and mortgages it to a loan shark.

Well done, you guys! We hope more Malaysian filmmakers can be inspired by your movie.

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