Get Ready For An Adventure With ‘We Bare Bears: The Movie’ Premiering September

Can’t wait!

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Get Ready For An Adventure With ‘We Bare Bears: The Movie’ Premiering September
Cartoon Network

Your favourite trio.

Fans of the popular animated show ‘We Bare Bears’, you’re in for an adventurous treat!
Get ready to shift gears from your favourite TV show to your soon to be favourite movie as Cartoon Network is set to premiere ‘We Bare Bears: The Movie’ on 12 September.
The movie will take you on a journey together with Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear as they try to escape from the menacing Agent Trout from the National Wildlife Control, who pledges to restore the "natural order" by separating them forever.
After being chased away from their homes, the trio decides to make their way to the land of the maple syrup, Canada.
Notice the familiar background?
The three fuzzy lovable bears will face obstacles along the way, make new friends, and also participate in massive parties.
So, where can you catch the film?
The movie will premiere at 11am concurrently on all Warnermedia TV channels – Cartoon Network (Astro Ch 615 HD / 635), Boomerang (UnifiTV Ch 555), HBO (Astro Ch 411 HD), Warner TV (Astro Ch 712 HD / UnifiTV Ch 451), and Oh!K (Astro Ch 394).

Watch 'We Bare Bears: The Movie' trailer below:

In the run-up to the movie release, fans can also get their fill of the best ‘We Bare Bears’ episodes in a special three-week block, 4pm daily from August 24 to September 11, only on Cartoon Network. Each week will see the spotlight on one Bear, with specially curated episodes to celebrate the unique story, origin, and qualities of the beloved bears.
So, don’t forget to save the date, guys!

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