Comedian Kuah Jenhan Built His Own PC To Complete Comedy-Documentary Series ‘M.A.C.C.’

It was his first try at film making too.

  • Tuesday, 8 September 2020
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Comedian Kuah Jenhan Built His Own PC To Complete Comedy-Documentary Series ‘M.A.C.C.’

Funny guys, funny show

Remember the video of Henry Cavill building a PC that went super viral just a few weeks ago?

Well, he's not the only celebrity who can do that. 

Local comedian Kuah Jenhan also built his own PC during the first stage of the Movement Control Order (MCO) to help with the post-production work of his first attempt at filmmaking. 

Granted, he doesn't have the impressive muscles that Cavill does or the social media following of one Mr Cavill, but it is a pretty impressive feat nevertheless.

The comedian produced, wrote and directed comedy-documentary 'M.A.C.C.' (Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians), featuring four popular Malaysian comedians Douglas Lim, Kuah Jenhan, Phoon Chi Ho and Dr Jason Leong, which will be airing on Astro from 8 to 15 September at 8.30pm on Hello (CH 702) and Astro GO. Subscribers will also be able to catch the episodes on Astro on Demand.


When COVID-19 stopped the world

When most people were busy making dalgona coffee, apam balik and Tik Tok videos, Jenhan and his crew were trying to figure out a way to edit and release 'M.A.C.C', which was shot during the group's final tour together end of last year. 

Kuah Jenhan speaking at the Press Conference
Everything was shot and ready but Jenhan said he felt he had to be there with the editor when the editing process was happening. 

"Editing is something that I feel like I have to be there with the editor. We have to watch the same scenes and in real time fix things. That was impossible during the lockdown," he said, adding that the process was very challenging.

That didn't to stop him from being hands on though. 

Jenhan decided to work remotely with the editor to work on the cuts. 

"We tried to 'remote desktop'. I tried to remote into his desktop. His computer was too slow. He tried to remote into my laptop. Mine was a bit faster but I didn't have the software of knew to use the programme at all. 

Probably how Jenhan looked trying to figure out a solution

"I eventually started reading up on PC. I've always wanted a new MacBook but just can't afford it. So, I researched, I bought part by part and build my own PC, and I learnt online how to edit stuff," he told Rojak Daily

Jenhan added that it took him about two months to build the stronger PC and learn the necessary basic skills but he was able to put together offline edits.

The editor then 'remoted in' to his laptop and they did the rest together "almost real-time".

"We did this every night for about three months. After all that, we kind of have this then I brought it to post-production. By this time, it was more relaxed. But yeah, that was a big challenge," Jenhan shared. 

Pre-production was no walk in the park either

MACC at one of their tour destinations
Jenhan shared that the main challenge shooting the show was resources and timing. 

"We were going on tour and there was only one chance to get it. We knew where we were going on tour, but I had to shoot it in a fairly chronological way to show what I wanted to show.

"I can't shoot a scene for episode one in Australia and bring it back to episode one. We can, but we didn't have the resource.

"We didn't have chance to location scout, we didn't know what it was going to look, I think a lot of things I had to guess and I'm honoured that these guys were willing to like...okay," he said, after a press conference on the 'M.A.C.C' comedy-documentary series. 

Funny guys, on and off camera

Dr Jason Leong chimed in, sharing their experience of shooting at the Sydney Chinese Park of Friendship in Australia.

"We were chased away in Australia," he said, to which Phoon Chi Ho responded with: "We got chased away from our own park. Some Chinese park, right? We are Chinese!"

Dr Jason Leong added that a lady approached them asking if they had a permit to shoot and was told to leave otherwise. 

That was just one of the incidents. 

Hong Kong protests were ongoing when the team went there

The comedians went to Hong Kong during the protests there and even thought of cancelling the show there. 

"At the height of it, all of our relatives were texting us saying 'don't go'. But here's the thing, right...the people who told us not to go were not in Hong Kong. 

"Those in Hong Kong, be it Hong Kongers or Malaysians living in Hong Kong, said 'nothing one la, come la'," Dr Jason Leong said, explaining that the protest was so organised that everyone knew when to gather and even the chants that they were going to be chanting. 

"It's not a flash mob," Douglas Lim interjected, adding that the Malaysian Association of Hong Kong were helping them as well as other parties. 

At the end of the day, nothing of note happened during their time there, and you'd probably get a sense of that when you're watching the show as no scenes of the protest or anything to do with it is featured in it. 

A show worth watching

A scene from Ep 1 of the comedy-documentary
Rojak Daily
was one of the lucky media that got to catch the screening of the first two episodes of 'M.A.C.C' comedy-documentary. 

We already know that the four main guys in it - Douglas Lim, Kuah Jenhan, Phoon Chi Ho and Dr Jason Leong - are funny people, so it goes without saying that the show is one that'll make you smile, chuckle and sometimes laugh out loud.

It's also nice to see the "other side" of the public figures including the people they are with their families. 

Although the first episode seemed a little too scripted, the second seemed less so. 

Jenhan assured us that most of what we see on screen are "real" and even when scripted, it still showed the true nature of those in it as well as what goes on behind the scenes of M.A.C.C's tour, which was held in several locations in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. 

For fans of M.A.C.C., this is also a chance to catch the team working together for perhaps the last time. 

‘MACC Mania X: The Goodbye Tour’ is supposed to be the last tour that the four comedians performed under the banner. 

This doesn't mean that any of them are retiring. All four are still actively performing, just not as MACC. This also doesn't mean that they would never perform together again.

"Let's face it. If some rich guy comes and asks us to perform together, we're not going to say no," Douglas Lim said during the press conference. 

If you love comedy and want to know more about the hard work that goes behind organising a comedy tour, tune in to Hello (Astro CH 702) beginning 8 Sept to catch M.A.C.C comedy-documentary. 

The show is also available on Astro Go and Astro on Demand. 

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