David And Victoria Beckham Allegedly Contracted COVID-19 After They Went Partying

Yikes, could this be real?

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David And Victoria Beckham Allegedly Contracted COVID-19 After They Went Partying
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They make a great couple.

Recently, Dwayne ‘The Rock Johnson’ and Robert Pattinson were confirmed to be COVID-19 positive.
And it seems that the next Hollywood A-listers to join them are football and fashion royalty, David and Victoria Beckham.

Kept a secret

According to the Telegraph, reports have been circulating online that the couple had allegedly contracted the COVID-19 virus earlier this year.
It appears that the Beckhams, their relatives, friends, and employees have decided to keep it under the radar, with reports stating that some of them were infected by the couple.

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The rumours started in early March when the Beckhams flew to the US as David had to sort out his footballing duties at his club, Inter Miami.
They then reportedly attended a string of parties and socialised at a handful of events in Los Angeles, which was where they may have caught the virus.
Upon returning to their home in Cotswolds, England, the couple started to feel ill, to which Victoria went into panic mode over fears of being a super spreader.
David and Victoria at an Inter Milan match.
She then eventually ordered the family to undergo home quarantine for an even longer period than required.
Following their recovery, Victoria and David are said to have had swab and antibody tests to ensure they are free from COVID-19, before going on holiday to Greece and Italy. 
At the moment, the Beckhams have yet to release any statement surrounding these allegations.
Well, if they did contract the virus, we hope they’re doing better and they are more responsible in their actions from now on.

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