Chris Evans Accidental Naughty Pic Breaks The Internet, Netizens Jump To His Defense


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Chris Evans Accidental Naughty Pic Breaks The Internet, Netizens Jump To His Defense

Poor Chris Evans :(

Hollywood A-lister Chris Evans has been known to play goody-good characters on the big screen.

Heck, even his character in the 'Avengers' movies is the goodest of them all.

But over the weekend, the actor saw his squeaky clean image go down the drain.

Breaking the internet

An unfortunate accident.
According to entertainment website Paper, the 39-year-old actor set social media on fire when he appeared to have accidentally leaked a d**k pic on his own Instagram account. 

On Saturday (12 September), Evans posted a seemingly harmless screenshot of his smartphone's photo gallery on his Instagram Stories.

However, one of the photos in the grid appears to be of his, ummm, very erect joystick.

Of course we're not going to show you the real pic.
Evans deleted the photo almost immediately, but the internet being the internet, it was too little too late.

And the internet being the internet, netizens were having a field day on Twitter making jokes about his boo boo, including Evans' 'Avengers' co-star Mark Ruffalo and his own brother:
  Other netizens, of course, unleashed their thirst:
Despite all the jokes and memes on social media, fans of the actor has rallied to offer him support:
In fact, some dedicated fans have started swapping out the explicit image in his screenshot:
Now that we've all had our fun, let's give the actor some privacy and stop sharing/search out the picture, OK?

And let this be a reminder to not save naughty pictures on your phone. You'll never know when it will get out accidentally.

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