From Rockstar To MP: Estranged Frontman Wants To Be The Next Sabahan Wakil Rakyat

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From Rockstar To MP: Estranged Frontman Wants To Be The Next Sabahan Wakil Rakyat
@RICHAELGIMBANG Instagram/Aziah Azmee

After his campaigns, he'll sing for you.

Looking on the current government cabinet and also your local MP, do you ever wish to see some fresh new faces?
Well, how about a rockstar as your next MP?
According to the New Straits Times, Estranged lead singer Richael Lawrence Gimbang or popularly known as Rich has expressed interest in serving the people of Sabah in the next elections.
And the next election he’s referring to is to the General Election (GE15), not the upcoming state elections on 26 September.

The 38-year-old singer says he made the decision after involving himself in charity work in the rural area of Tambunan for the past couple of years.
Rich wishes to represent the people of Tambunan and will assist the rural folk who had been denied clean running water and electricity, besides focusing on education for the younger generation.
The 'Akademi Fantasia' alumni also added that he will not be retiring from his singing career or leaving the band no matter how busy he would be as MP.
His fellow bandmates – Solihuddin Hormat and Nor Hanafi Noor Hadi are giving their full support towards Rich’s ambition and will follow him to all 70 villages in Tambunan to get to know the people and help campaign for him.
Rich and his bandmates.
"Some may think that music and politics do not go hand in hand. But I want to show that the two are actually related.
"My friends and I will be meeting up with the rural folk soon to hear them out. I dont want people to perceive that I'm using my celebrity status to get votes.
"I also want people to know me as someone who can deliver and bring change to the underprivileged," he added.
Well, we feel that GE15 would definitely be an interesting time for Malaysia with so many young, fresh faces stepping up to join the election.

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