Chan Peng Soon, Goh Yiu Ling, and Goh V Shem to Star in Local Movie

Our Olympians are making the transition from badminton courts to silver screens.

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Chan Peng Soon, Goh Yiu Ling, and Goh V Shem to Star in Local Movie
Image: Olympics
Surprise, surprise! Looks like our Malaysian Olympic silver medalists are leaving their badminton rackets behind (temporarily) to star in a local movie set to release during Chinese New Year in 2017. The movie, Goodbye Mr. Loser will feature our mixed doubles, Chan Peng Soon and Goh Yiu Ling as well as men’s doubles player, Goh V Shem.

Yiu Ling, who is also a part-time model told Astro Awani that she’s very happy to be given the chance to showcase her acting skills through this movie. She remains persistent that her modelling and acting stints are only something she does on the side and badminton will always be her true passion.

Image: The Coverage
"Peng Soon, V Shem and I are very excited to be given the opportunity to act. It's a challenge to immerse ourselves in the acting roles, but we reckon being athletes competing on the courts is a greater challenge, " Yiu Ling told reporters.

As for Goh V Shem, he sees acting as a more challenging act than being an athlete.

“For me, being an actor is even harder than being an athlete, probably because it’s my first time. I have not considered being a full-time actor so far”, he said.

Although he might feel out of place diving into new territories, he admits that it is an interesting experience for him even though he struggles to get into character.

Well, we can’t wait to watch how our athletes will fare on the movie screens. Will they be able to smash the box office records just like on badminton courts? We wish them all the best and good luck!

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