[VIDEO] Jackie Chan Almost Drowned After He Went Missing Underwater While Filming A Movie

Must be terrifying!

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[VIDEO] Jackie Chan Almost Drowned After He Went Missing Underwater While Filming A Movie

Glad you're safe, Jackie!

Jackie Chan needs no further introduction when it comes to martial arts films. He’s been through all kinds of action scenes: from jumping off buildings, fighting 100 bad guys, to falling onto harmful obstacles.
Some of these events may have been a near-death experience for the actor, and recently, he was almost greeted by the grim reaper.

Harrowing moment

According to Today Online, the Hong Kong actor revealed in an interview to promote his new film ‘Vanguard’ that he almost drowned while filming the movie.
The harrowing incident was caught on camera when they were filming a chase sequence out at sea.

“It was a very ordinary scene, but I almost drowned,” said Jackie.
The ‘Rush Hour’ star was riding a jet ski with his co-star Miya Muqi when they unexpectedly hit some rocks, which caused their jet ski to flip over, throwing them off into the water.
Muqi almost immediately emerged from the water but Chan was nowhere to be seen.
Filming crew rescuing Jackie.
Filming crew frantically rushed to help find the actor and found him after 45 seconds – alive and unharmed.

“I also don’t remember what happened, but it was like there was a divine power helping me, ” he said in a clip recalling the incident.
You can catch that scene in the film 'Vanguard'.
The incident may gave everyone the scare of their lives on set that day and it even left the film director, Stanley Tong, in tears.
Well, we’re happy to hear that you’re safe and sound, Jackie.

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