Thanks For The Memories: Original ‘Doraemon’ Voice Actor Dies At 84

You were a huge part of our childhood. RIP.

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Thanks For The Memories: Original ‘Doraemon’ Voice Actor Dies At 84
Fujiko Fujio/

We will remember you, always.

Let’s be honest, when we were kids, all of us dreamt of having a magic pocket that stores all kinds of cool gizmos and gadgets just like ‘Doraemon’.
The iconic Japanese cat played a huge part in every kid’s childhood spanning from generation to generation.
And recently, the man responsible for voicing the character to life has sadly passed away.
Kosei Tomita died at age 84 after suffering a stroke on 27 September.
Doraemon and his favourite food.
According to CNA Lifestyle, the voice actor first voiced ‘Doraemon’ in 1973 and he was subsequently replaced with voice actress Masako Nozawa in the late 70s, which caused uproar among fans.
Kosei not only voiced the iconic cat, he also worked on other popular animes such as ‘Astro Boy’, ‘Detective Conan’ and ‘Digimon’.
The Japanese voice actor who started his career in 1963 also had a long list of stints in Japanese-dubbed Hollywood films and animations like ‘Kung Fu Panda’, ‘Rocky’, ‘Star Trek’, ‘The Smurfs’ and many more.
One of Kosei's last projects.
His last project was in 2015 in ‘Detective Conan: Sunflowers of Inferno’ and ‘Young Black Jack’.
Rest in peace, the senpai of Japanese voice acting. May your legeacy live on for generations to come!

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