4 Fun Facts About Ezurin Khyra, The Next Star Of ‘The House’ Reality Show

She’s one hot momma.

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4 Fun Facts About Ezurin Khyra, The Next Star Of ‘The House’ Reality Show
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Anyone looking forward to watching 'The House'?

Socialites and fashion aficionados, you probably follow her on Instagram and enjoy seeing her fashionable life with her family and high-profile friends on a daily basis.
But now, she’s taking the spotlight by appearing in her first ever reality show – ‘The House’ on Astro Ria.
Ezurin Khyra or also known as Princess E and her family are making their first foray into TV and for those who are unfamiliar with her, here are some fun facts you should know about her.

 #1 She’s A Mother Of Five

One fashionable family.
One look at her or Instagram feed, you’d be in disbelief that she’s actually a mother of five! Tunku Amaan Khyra, Tunku Nadya Khyra, Tunku Omaan Khyra, Tunku Imaan Khyra, and Tunku Rmaan Khyra will all make an appearance alongside their mother in ‘The House’.
According to Astro Awani, all of her children are currently studying in London, but due to the on going COVID-19 pandemic, they’re back here in Malaysia which was why Ezurin agreed to do the show. Besides her kids, Ezurin’s good friend Magie Abang Saufi will also appear in ‘The House’.

#2 Royal Ties

Ezurin and her ex-husband.
In case you’re wondering why does her children have such fancy, uniformed names, it’s because Ezurin was married to Tunku Dato’ Yaacob Khyra of Negeri Sembilan royalty. The couple finalized their divorce two years ago but still maintain good ties with each other and even go on family vacations occasionally.

#3 Celebrity Friends On Speed Dial

Ezurin with Stella McCartney.
The fashionista who’s known for her extravagant style is no stranger to high profile international designers and celebrities. You’d be surprise to know that she’s friends with Lionel Richie and the queen of reality show herself, Kim Kardashian just to name a few.

#4 Fashion Is Her Passion

Some of you may say that you’re passionate about fashion but how far would you take your love for fashion? For Ezurin, it’s to the point of changing her clothes three times a day! To film ‘The House’, the former model admits that she brought a lorry of clothes and lost count of her outfits. She would change up to six times throughout filming and made sure that each outfit has different styling, make up, and hairstyle. So if there’s another definition for the word ‘extra’, it’d definitely be Ezurin.
‘The House’ season six is set to premiere on 21 October at 9pm on Astro Ria (ASTRO CH124).

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