[VIDEO] DG Hisham Becomes A Superhero In ‘BoBoiBoy’ To Fight COVID-19; Netizens Love It

Probably the cutest PSA we’ve ever seen.

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[VIDEO] DG Hisham Becomes A Superhero In ‘BoBoiBoy’ To Fight COVID-19; Netizens Love It
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The current COVID-19 situation in our country is no joke, as the number of cases have been climbing or consistently hover between 700 to 800 cases per day.
Our national hero Health Director-General Tan Sri Noor Hisham Abdullah has worked tirelessly alongside with other frontliners to combat COVID-19 ever since the pandemic started.
And now, in a bid to educate the public especially the younger generation, he’s appeared in a public service announcement alongside popular local animated character, BoBoiBoy.

Real-life superhero


In the one-minute clip, our favourite heroes can be seen fighting off the virus, but they were severely outnumbered.

Just when all hope seems lost, DG Hisham appears at the right time to help the little superheroes beat the COVID-19 virus.

He then introduces ‘CAPP’ to combat the virus, which stands for ‘Cegah, Amalkan, Patuhi, Pantau’.
Netizens who watched the PSA were impressed, with many cooing over DG Hisham’s cute animated character – and that, we agree.
The video has fetched over 70,000 views on YouTube to date .
So, remember boys and girls. If you’re heading out or if you want to help flatten the curve, always practice CAPP!

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