From YouTube To Mainstream TV: ‘Mael Totey’ Rakes RM2.56 Million In Just Four Days

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From YouTube To Mainstream TV: ‘Mael Totey’ Rakes RM2.56 Million In Just Four Days
Astro Shaw

Are you familiar with their skits on YouTube?

Popular local YouTubers, Syahmi Sazli, Yoe Parey and Asif Suhaimi are known for their viral short-form videos featuring humorous antics using Kelantanese dialect that has reached 94 million views since last June.
The strong support from fans encouraged Syahmi Sazli to embark on his directorial debut film, ‘Mael Totey The Movie’ (MTTM), a drama comedy premiering on Astro First (Ch 480) from 22 October 2020.
The term ‘totey’ is indeed familiar to many Kelantanese. Syahmi Sazli plays the main character in the film, which depicts this term through the character he plays.

MTTM also features YouTubers, Yoe Parey, Asif Suhaimi, Emaleen Minhad, Aween Ismail as well as local talents such as, Hushairi Hussain, Daler Yusof, Aznah Hamid, Kamarool Yusoff and more.
“I had the idea of ‘Mael Totey’ but it was intended for a TV drama series. After some discussion, it evolved to become a film. I feel nervous as this is the first time I have directed and also acted in a film,” Syahmi said.
Raja Jastina Raja Arsha, Vice President, Head of Astro Shaw & Nusantara, said, “Astro Shaw is pleased to feature this directorial debut from popular social media talent, Syahmi Sazli, on Astro First. Fans can now enjoy longer form, high-quality content from their favourite YouTubers. It is an exciting development
in the local film industry with YouTubers branching out to big screen films.”

The film managed to rake a whopping RM2.56 million in just four days of its debut.
Catch ‘Mael Totey The Movie’ on Astro First (Ch 480) from 22 October. Stream for an unlimited number of times over 48 hours, for RM15. For more updates on MTTM, follow Astro Shaw’s social media pages.

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