[CONTEST] 10 Most Kancheong WrestleMania Moments

The pro-wrestling event has continuously delivered ‘jizz-in-your-pants’ moments.

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[CONTEST] 10 Most Kancheong WrestleMania Moments
Image: WWE
The showcase of the immortals, the show of shows, the grandest stage of all. WrestleMania has been promoted as such ever since the first event emanated from Madison Square Garden in March 1985. And for 32 years on, it has continuously lived up to the hype.

WrestleMania 33, which is set to take place in Orlando, Florida on 2 April 2017, promises the same and judging by the three decades of action that preceded it, the Pay-Per-View event will have its share of nail-biting moments. Just like these ones that occurred throughout the event’s three-decade long history:

The Bodyslam Heard Around The World: WrestleMania 3

WrestleMania III had a tonne of big moments like Macho Man and Ricky Steamboat’s classic match that literally stole the show. But the sight most remember from this PPV was Hogan hoisting Andre the Giant. In front of 93,000 fans, Hogan achieved the impossible by picking up the 2.24m, 236kg eighth wonder of the world before slamming him to the mat. 

The Ultimate Battle: WrestleMania 6

In the 80s, no two men in professional wrestling were as big as The Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan. On paper alone, the match lived up to the hype as the two legends locked-up in the Toronto SkyDome for the World Heavyweight Title. After the dust cleared, the Warrior walked out of the arena with both the strap, effectively sealing the changing of the guard in the WWE.

Blood From A Stone: WrestleMania 13 

Bret Hart and Steve Austin were at the centre of one of the hottest feuds in the history of sport. Their ‘hatred’ for one another culminated in a match at WrestleMania XIII with Ken Shamrock as guest referee. The match was hard and brutal, and it ended with Stone Cold passing out in a pool of his own blood after being locked in Hart’s Sharpshooter submission manoeuvre. But what transpired after the match was even more surprising as fans rallied behind Austin, signifying the start of the Austin-era in the WWE. 

TLC II: WrestleMania 17

The tag-team division has flustered in recent years, but in the late 90s, it was flourishing with the arrival of The Dudley Boyz, Edge & Christian and the Hardy Boyz. The six-men blew the roof off Summerslam the year before with the first Tables, Ladders and Chairs match and in 2001, they repeated the feat in one of the most memorable matches ever in pro-wrestling history. In case you're keeping score, Edge & Christian walked away with the straps but there were no losers in this epic match in our books. 

Icon vs Icon: Wrestlemania 18

Pushing 50 at the time, Hulk Hogan proved to the world that he had one more big match left in him and it was against the most electrifying man in sports entertainment. The build-up was intense with fans split down the middle. The leader of the N.W.O. could not contain the Brahma Bull though as The Rock sealed victory with two Rock Bottoms and a People’s Elbow after a hard fought match.

Brock vs Angle: WrestleMania 19

Naturally gifted in the ring and boasting an immense background in amateur wrestling, Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle delivered an instant classic at WrestleMania 19. Delivering a full plethora of submission moves, near pin falls and every variation of the suplex you can think off, the match would be best remembered for Lesnar’s shooting star press off the top turnbuckle, where he landed on his head. Still, despite having his head rung for a bit, the Beast managed to pin the Olympic Gold medallist for his second world title. 

Taker vs Shawn: WrestleMania 25 & 26

These two veterans put on an epic showcase, which is now considered one of the best matches ever in pro-wrestling history. Pulling out all the stops, both Taker and Michaels relied on their full arsenal of offense to put the other down. But the Phenom held the edge that day to pin the Showstopper. The match was so good that it warranted a rematch the following year, which ended up with Taker retiring Michaels for good. 

Hell In A Cell: Taker vs Triple H: WrestleMania 28

The seeds for this Mania rematch were planted the year before with The Undertaker stretchered to the back following his narrow win over Triple H. The rematch raised the stakes even higher with both men having to face each other in a steel cage with Shawn Michaels as guest referee. The result produced an edge-of-your-edge match with the Deadman winning despite receiving a superkick (Sweet Chin Music) from Michaels in the match. All three men took a bow on top of the stage post-match as a sign of respect for each other. 

Bad Blood-Cena vs Rock: WrestleMania 28 & 29

Billed as a ‘once in a lifetime’ match, it lived up to its hype with two of the biggest names in the modern era. John Cena, who was the face of the WWE at the time, faced a returning The Rock, who was evidently coming back to a part time contract. That didn’t sit too well with Cena and a feud ensued with both men taking jibes at each other. The built-up lasted an entire year and culminated in this dream match, which The Rock won. A rematch was held the following year but it didn’t quite live up to the same hype compared to their first encounter. 

The Streak Gets Broken: WrestleMania 30 

The shock, the dismay, the disappointment. Fans were left reeling after Brock Lesnar effectively ended The Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania. The only blemish on the Phenom’s record of 21 victories came at the hands of the Beast Incarnate and it took no less than three F-5s to put the Deadman down for good.

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