Live Show Cancelled, Local Celebrities Take COVID-19 Test After Alif Satar Tests Positive

Get well soon!

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Live Show Cancelled, Local Celebrities Take COVID-19 Test After Alif Satar Tests Positive

We hope everyone who's exposed to him practised the SOPs.

On Sunday evening (22 November), local TV host Alif Satar announced via his Instagram that his COVID-19 test came back positive.
The local host who’s also an actor said that in the midst of filming, he had taken a few COVID-19 tests and the latest results showed that he’s positive.
“This is very shocking and disappointing,” Alif wrote.

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He then apologised to everyone including those who had been in contact with him and said that he’s given the relevant details and contact list to the Health Ministry.

The 30-year-old took the latest COVID-19 test on 21 November.

The Show Must Not Go On

On Friday (20 November), Alif appeared on the ‘Muzik-Muzik’ semi-finals show and performed his song in a bid to make it to the final rounds of ‘Anugerah Juara Lagu’ next year.

A handful of local crooners were also present during the live show.
Alif performing at the Muzik-Muzik semi finals.
This caused TV3 to cancel the next airing of the live show which was scheduled on Sunday as many of those involved in the show were in close contact with Alif.
The management has since instructed those who were invloved in the show to self-quarantine for the time being.
Following the news, a number of celebrities including Hael Hussaini, Naim Daniel, Syamel, Ernie Zakri, and Stacy have taken the responsibility to take the COVID-19 test as soon as possible.
They shared videos of their COVID-19 swab experience via their Instagram accounts.

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A large number of fans prayed for Alif’s wellbeing and hoped that not many were affected by him.

They also hoped that he would recover soon.
This is also a reminder to us that the COVID-19 virus is still around and we should always stay at home as much as possible, maintain social distancing, wear a facemask correctly, and always wash or sanitise our hands.

Stay safe everyone!

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