Oppa Ciao Ciao: Netflix Starts Casting For Its Korean Version Of ‘Money Heist’

Wonder who else will be casted…

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Oppa Ciao Ciao: Netflix Starts Casting For Its Korean Version Of ‘Money Heist’
Netflix/MY Company

Looking forward to it!

Fans of the popular series ‘La Casa de Papel’ or known as ‘Money Heist’, get ready for a change of scenery and language as the series is headed for a South Korean version.
Earlier in June, rumours of the adaptation surfaced after two South Korean content and production houses were in talks with Netflix.
Well it’s a rumour no more after Netflix confirmed that ‘Money Heist’ will indeed get a land of K-pop do over.

Oppa Ciao Ciao Ciao

Who is your favourite character?
According to Variety, the Korean version of the titular series will be directed by Kim Hong-sun, who has helmed TV dramas like ‘The Guest’, ‘Voice’, and ‘Black’.
The adaptation will be a 12-part series.
It will be interesting to see if the character’s names will be adapted to be more Asia-centric or not.
As for cast members, no news yet on who will make the dream team but several Korean news outlets have named actress Jeon Jong Seo to play the role Tokio.
A must-watch!
Jong Seo is well known for playing Hae-mi in the 2018 thriller ‘Burning’ and also the antagonist Young-seok in ‘The Call’ that’s currently trending on Netflix.
If the news is true, then we can expect a stellar perfomance from her based on her roles in the two series mentioned.
‘Money Heist’ executive producer Alex Pina says that he’s excited “to see what will happen when this case unfolds against the backdrop of the Korean peninsula.”
No news yet on when the Korean adaptation of ‘Money Heist’ will be aired, but let’s hope it happens in 2021!

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