Cik B Releases First Single "Tolonglah", Which Was Inspired By Abuse And Family Issues Growing Up

Channeling all the hurt and pain through music.

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Cik B Releases First Single
Cosmetic millionaire Datuk Seri Vida’s daughter, Nur Edlynn Zamilleen Muhamad Amin, better known as Cik B, has been in the spotlight since young.

She would be able to tell you that despite all the fortune and fame, her life is not a bed of roses.

And she did that with a song.

Criticise me if you want

The 15-year-old has recently ventured into the music scene.

She marked this by releasing her debut single "Tolonglah" - a song inspired by the hardship she had to endure growing up.

Singing now.
Cik B revealed to Astro Awani that the song was inspired by her life experiences, including being abused by her maid and her issues with her father growing up.

Cik B also revealed that the song was ready a long time ago but she was too shy to launch it due to the fear of the media and the public.

She said that the lyrics were put together by her mother and her and she was ready to accept criticism. 

"I'm used to it. I've been criticised since I was 12 and now I'm immune to it.

“I believe in myself, and I’m not as shy to face the public,” she said during the song’s launch.

Released two days ago, 2 December, the music video for 'Tolonglah' music video has already garnered over 1 million views on Youtube.

Congratulations Cik B!

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