Stay Strong: Veteran Actress Reveals She Has Been Battling Bell’s Palsy For The Past Three Weeks

Get well soon!

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Stay Strong: Veteran Actress Reveals She Has Been Battling Bell’s Palsy For The Past Three Weeks
2020 has been tough on everyone, some more than most.

We just pray that the new year will be a better year.

She's on the road to recovery

On Tuesday (22 December), popular local actress Adibah Noor revealed that she has been suffering from Bell's Palsy for the past three weeks.

The 50-year-old told New Straits Times that the disorder has paralysed the left side of her face.

Thankfully, she's on the road to recovery.

She noticed something was wrong three weeks ago.
Adibah told the daily that she noticed something was amiss when she was brushing her teeth three weeks ago.

"I first noticed it when I was brushing my teeth and gargling. There was a sudden spray of water from my mouth which felt like it was leaking.

"When I went for a shoot I realised my lips couldn't properly form the words that I wanted to say like I normally do. It was a little slanted," she was quoted as saying.

Get well soon, Adibah!
As she was in the middle of a shoot, she couldn't go to the hospital right away, so she saw a doctor the next day and was quickly referred to a specialist.

"After an examination, the doctor diagnosed my condition as Bell's Palsy," she told NST.

Adibah said since then, she's been undergoing physiotherapy sessions to get better and after ten sessions, she has noticed a lot of improvements.

"What I can say is that I'm almost completely healed. There are two more treatment sessions to go, as I've a total of 12. If I still need any treatment after this then I will continue with it," she said.

Get well soon, Adibah Noor! 

What is Bell's Palsy?

According to Healthline, Bell's Palsy is a disorder that causes a temporary paralysis of the muscles in the face. 

Also known as acute peripheral facial palsy of unknown cause, the condition causes the nerve that controls your facial muscles to become inflamed, swollen, or compressed.

As a result, patients would notice that one side of their face appear to droop, and they may have difficulty smiling or closing their eye on the affected side.

The symptoms of Bell's Palsy.
The exact cause of Bell's Palsy is unknown, and it can occur at any age.

However, the condition is temporary for most people, and the symptoms would usually go away after a few weeks.

Here are some of the symptoms of Bell's Palsy:
  • one part of your face becomes droopy
  • inability to open or close your eye
  • drooling
  • difficulty eating and drinking
  • dry eye and mouth
  • headache
  • facial weakness
  • muscle twitches in the face
  • sensitivity to sound
If you suffer from any of these symptoms, go and have yourself checked by a doctor, OK?

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