DG Hisham Stars In His First Short Film As A Superhero Alongside Ejen Ali

Wah, so cool lah, DG!

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DG Hisham Stars In His First Short Film As A Superhero Alongside Ejen Ali
Wau Animation Studios/Yayasan Sime Darby

Can't wait!

If there’s one man that netizens probably see more of online or on TV than their family members this year, it’s definitely Health Director-General Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah.
Back in October, DG Hisham made his first appearance as an animated superhero for a ‘Boiboiboy’ public service announcement about COVID-19.
And now, it seems like he’s jumping into another local superhero universe in his first short film.

From Ejen Ali To Ejen Hisham

DG Hisham is set to star alongside Ejen Ali in ‘Misi: Juang’.
The short film will premiere on Ejen Ali’s YouTube channel on 25 December, 9.45pm.
According to OhBulan, ‘Misi: Juang’ is dedicated to our frontliners as an appreciation for their courage in battling the COVID-19 pandemic this year.
DG Hisham will have a cameo role and will combine forces with MATA agents on the battlefield.
MATA agents are tasked to fight the COVID-19 army alongside other frontliners to save everyone from the pandemic.
Ejen Ali might be small but he's mighty.
The short film will also feature a new version of the #KitaJagaKita theme song.
Based on the poster, DG Hisham looks like a badass superhero with a yellow-accented outfit while holding what we assume is a digital thermometer and a long weapon.
So, save the date, guys! Only one more sleep until we get to catch DG Hisham in Ejen Ali’s ‘Misi: Juang’.

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