Malaysians Fascinated To Find Tun Mahathir’s Signature In Netflix’s ‘The Crown’

Did you spot it?

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Malaysians Fascinated To Find Tun Mahathir’s Signature In Netflix’s ‘The Crown’

Best Easter egg for Malaysians.

If there’s one highly anticipated and much talked about series on Netflix this year, it’s probably the fourth season of ‘The Crown’.
The latest season of the show, depicts the British royal family, features Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ controversial marriage as well as other key events that took place during that period.
The fourth season of the series has been the highlight for netizens ever since it aired in November 2020 and it seems that we Malaysians have more to talk about apart from the Diana-Charles-Camilla drama.

From Malaysia to UK

A screen grab showing the former UK premier Margaret Thatcher holding an official document with signatures on it went viral on Twitter recently.
Several netizens have pointed out that our former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed’s signature can be found on the declaration to sanction the Apartheid regime in South Africa.
His signature was spotted among those of other Commonwealth country leaders at that time in 1985.
You can catch this scene on the eighth episode of season four.
The original photo in 1985.
Interestingly, that’s not all that netizens have spotted – they’ve managed to track down the original photo, which was recreated during a scene where all the Commonwealth leaders were gathered for a photo op.
In the original photo, Tun M was standing behind Thatcher, but in the series, his stand-in (that looks nothing like him, just a random guy in Baju Melayu) was placed in the third row, further away from his original position.
The dramatised portrayal in 'The Crown'.
So, did you manage to catch these amazing details while binge-watching ‘The Crown’?

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