Explained: Neelofa's Alleged Secret Marriage, ‘Minyak Pengasih’, And Who Is Syamira Safiya?

Let’s pray for the best for her.

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Explained: Neelofa's Alleged Secret Marriage, ‘Minyak Pengasih’, And Who Is Syamira Safiya?
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What's going on with these three...

Over a month ago, the sound of hearts breaking all across Malaysia can be heard after TV host/business mogul Neelofa announced her engagement to celebrity preacher, PU Riz.
The couple will reportedly tie the knot sometime in March 2021.
However, after a few month of bliss, things took a rocky turn for the couple over the weekend when it was rumoured that the relationship between Neelofa and her fiancé Haris Ismail is hanging by a thread.

That historical day for Neelofa and PU Riz.
If you've been wondering why you're seeing Neelofa's name on your social media feeds a lot these days, well, let us explain the drama to you. 

'I see your true colours shining through…'

It all started when Neelofa’s siblings posted a series of quotes about someone’s true colours at the same time.

Her siblings in question – Ameera Khan, Athisha Khan, and Noor Nabila – were among those who posted the same quotes and unfollowed Haris on Instagram.
Neelofa’s mom, Noor Kartini, also followed suit and unfollowed her future son-in-law later in the day.

The strange thing was, there was no explanation for the family's Instagram activities.

However, Neelofa and PU Riz are still following each other to date.
Curious netizens started wondering what had happened and conducted their own investigation, which led some of them to come up with their own theories.
On top of that, Neelofa was also the top trending topic on Twitter over the weekend and news of their rocky engagement was further fueled by ‘verified’ claims from a Twitter user named Syamira Safiya.


Syamira who?

Twitter user @syamirasafiya02 posted a few WhatsApp conversation screenshots and claimed that it was from her sister’s friend, whose cousin happens to be Neelofa’s personal assistant, Nadiah Khairuddin.
Pandai-pandai je...
Among the key points of the conversation is that Neelofa had secretly tied the knot with Haris during a recent trip to Kelantan, where she had met her biological father, Mohd Noor.
Among other wild allegations were that Neelofa spent millions on PU Riz and his family, as well as transferring RM100,000 to his personal account.
Besides money, the conversation also mentioned that Neelofa is a victim of black magic, claiming that PU Riz had used ‘minyak pengasih’ (a type of oil used to make someone obedient towards the owner) on her.
This apparently caused an outrage among Lofa’s family, which is why her mother had ‘kept’ her at home and got her ‘treated’ traditionally.

Clever clever squirrel jump...

After the screenshots went viral, Neelofa’s PA put out an announcement to track Syamira Safiya down to clarify things.
“We are seeking public assistance in finding/locating this woman to assist us,” Nadiah wrote.
“If anyone has any information, you can contact me via DM messages.”
Well, let's just say it wasn’t long until Nadiah found her.

According to Harian Metro, the Naelofar hijab founder’s PA finally got in contact with Syamira after just three hours of posting the announcement.
“As Neelofa’s PA, I’ve asked her to speak to our lawyers as her screenshots had mentioned me.”
“I don’t know her and I’ve never met her. We have no relationship, she’s not a friend nor family.”
“What’s important know is that I clear my name from this controversy that involves my boss and PU Riz,” Nadiah told the Malay daily.

Baseless allegations, slander

After 24 hours of being the talk of the town, Neelofa finally spoke up to shed some light on the controversy.
She issued a public statement and also posted a video denying the allegations, and asked for her fans to pray for her.
“These are all baseless, rubbish allegations. I don’t normally take the time to address controversies but this issue involves two families, so I had to speak up,” Neelofa said.
“It’s a very heavy allegation, and it’s hard for me to swallow it. I hope all of you would stop speculating and stop talking about this, as it would worsen the situation. “
The former ‘MeleTOP’ host added that she knows that a lot of people are curious about the status of her engagement to Haris, but she chose to keep mum about it as “a lot of relationships has its own stories”.

“My family and Haris’ family are now in the midst of discussion to find the best solution to this issue.”

A post shared by Neelofa (@neelofa)

The video has fetched over 3,000,000 views to date, with over 16,000 comments from fans and celebrity friends wishing the best for her.
However, some netizens also pointed out that the issue wouldn’t have come to light had her family members not shared it on their social media pages.

Not only that, netizens noticed that Neelofa is no longer wearing her engagement ring or any rings in her latest postings.
Well, this must be a pretty rough and turbulent time for both Neelofa and PU Riz, so we wish them all the best and may the outcome be in favour of them.

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