Popular Actress Zhang Ziyi Kicks Fan Out Of Group Chat After He Called Her An ‘Aunty’

Aiya aunty, why so angry?

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Popular Actress Zhang Ziyi Kicks Fan Out Of Group Chat After He Called Her An ‘Aunty’
AFP via AsiaOne

Maybe call her kakak after this...

Believe it or not, we’re already in 2021, and this means that for many of us, it’s the end of our teenage years or our 20s, 30s or 40s, depending on how old you are this year.
Some people embrace their age with a happy heart, while some would be offended if you addressed them with what they deem not age-appropriate titles.
This was the case with Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi.

'Don’t call me aunty!'

The actress will turn 42 soon this year.
A fan recently got booted out of an official fan club group chat after he called Zhang Ziyi ‘aunty’.
The fan revealed the incident on his Weibo account on 6 January and said that he had posted the message, “Aunty, do you still remember what your profession is?”, in the group chat before being blacklisted.
Although he may no longer participate in the group chat, the fan admits his mistake and will continue to support the 41-year-old actress whom he has been a fan of for the past 15 years.
“I was not careful enough with my words; I acknowledge that I was blacklisted because of that. In the future, I will follow her activities quietly," he said.

The Weibo posting went viral and divided fans as some thought that the actress went too far while other thought the fan was rude and deserve to be removed.
However, his membership was reinstated not too long after when Zhang’s manager personally contacted him and explained it was all a misunderstanding before adding him back to the group.

Aunty syndrome?

Calling someone an 'aunty' could insulting for some people.
Not too long ago, a woman in India went viral for slapping a teenager after she called her ‘aunty’, which she obviously is.

According to a report by Times Of India, the whole kerfuffle started when an 19-year-old teenager reportedly said "Excuse me, aunty" as she was making her way to the crowded Babuganj market on 2 November.

The word 'aunty' triggered the 40-year-old woman (that, in our definition, is an aunty), as she reportedly became furious and started hurling abuse at the poor girl.

The woman then allegedly slapped the girl, causing a public brawl to break out in the crowded market.

The woman and another unidentified woman (we're not sure if she's an aunty or not) was captured on video hitting and grabbing the teenager's hair during the brawl.

Going in on the attack.
Stunned bystanders were seen trying to intervene, but it wasn't until the police arrived that the brawl was broken up.

The website reported that both the woman and the teenager were hauled up by the police, and they managed to work out their differences without killing each other. 
Well, since 'aunty' is such a sensitive word these days, how should we address those who are older than us?

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