Johnny Depp Reportedly Eyed To Play Gomez Addams In ‘Addams Family’ Netflix Series

He’s the perfect guy.

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Johnny Depp Reportedly Eyed To Play Gomez Addams In ‘Addams Family’ Netflix Series
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Hire him already!

2020 was probably a year of hell for Johnny Depp following his lawsuit and controversial divorce from his ex-wife, Amber Heard.
Majority of fans rallied behind the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor despite him losing existing and future job offers following the court verdict.
But, not all hope is lost yet in Hollywood for Depp as Tim Burton has set his eyes on the actor for a very apt role.

From Grindelwald To Addams

Would you want Johnny to play the role?
‘The Addams Family’ is reportedly getting a TV series on Netflix, which will be developed by Tim Burton.
And no other man in the director’s mind should play Gomez other than his favourite actor Johnny Depp.
According to Small Screen, Burton sees Deep as someone who could "do the role justice."
While we agree with Burton that Depp is splendid for the role, there have been rumours that Netflix needs a lot of convincing before singing Depp on.

And now, new reports emerged that the man himself is “insisting” that he wants to play the role of Gomez Addams.
Well, let’s be real who else can you imagine bringing that character to life under Burton’s wings?
Some fans have even edited a few posters on what Depp would look like if he were to be casted in the new series.
Now only time will tell if any of these reports are true and let’s hope that 2021 would be a better year for Johnny Depp.

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