"Nayhoo": What Every R&B Classic Song is Made Of

This funny video had us LOL-ing!

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  • Sunday, 23 October 2016
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Have you ever wondered why R&B hits these days don't sound quite as 'magical' as the classics? While we love our dose of John Legend and Beyoncé, there's something lacking from their sounds, something that doesn't quite give you the 'feels' that the likes of R&B veterans Boyz II Men and All-4-One do.

Well, comedian and TV writer Kevin Fredericks may have discovered why. Current R&B numbers have been missing the essential element of the 90s' R&B genre: the "nayhoo". Behold the hilarious wonder:
Uploaded in September, the video has since earned him over 11 thousand retweets, plus a slew of social media users campaigning that modern-day R&B hitmakers #BringBackNayhoo. And we couldn't agree more. Give us back the soulful sounds of the 90s!

Meanwhile, for more laughs on the 'uniqueness' of today's music, check out our piece on ridiculous lyrics.

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