‘Doraemon’ Is Trending Because Netizens Found Out That Nobita Finally Marries Shizuka In Film

And they lived happily ever after.

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‘Doraemon’ Is Trending Because Netizens Found Out That Nobita Finally Marries Shizuka In Film

This is kinda bittersweet.

If you grew up watching Doraemon or even reading the comic books, you’ll know that Nobita has a huge crush on Shizuka.
For decades, we watched how Nobita and Doraemon got into all kinds of shenanigans just to help Nobita impress Shizuka.
Well, that day has finally arrived and this time, both Nobita and Shizuka made it to the altar, surprising netizens.

Dream come true

Netizens found out that Nobita finally has a happy ending thanks to a promo for ‘Stand By Me Doraemon 2’, a sequel that was initially released in August 2020 but then postponed to November that year.
However, some countries are only getting the chance to watch the film in 2021, which was why the movie was trending on Twitter on Tuesday (20 January).
Malaysian netizens appeared to be surprised, but generally happy for Nobita. However, there were those who felt sad because they're still single and have not have a chance to have a happy ending like Nobita.

Aww, hang in there, you guys!
Fans who grew up with the character were also “proud” that Nobita finally made it and his dream of marrying Shizuka finally came true.

'Stand By Me 2 Doraemon' follows Nobita's ambition to change his life for the better and finally getting married to Shizuka. However, he decides to travel back to the past to meet his late grandmother who died when he was in kindergarten to confide in her. He also goes back to meet Doraemon over fears that he might not be "the one" for Shizuka.
Those who have watched the film gave rave reviews about the film and said that it was a tearjerker.
Well, such a bittersweet ending for Doraemon’s fanbase as Nobita’s marriage to Shizuka somewhat marks an end to their story, which was an important part of our childhood.

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