If You Know BM (Duh!), Joseph Gordon-Levitt Wants To Work With You. Again.

Some translation skill is needed.

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If You Know BM (Duh!), Joseph Gordon-Levitt Wants To Work With You. Again.

Are you who JGL is looking for?

Hollywood actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is still in search of talents for some of his projects. 

If you've been following the actor's social media pages, he's been looking for talents from all over the world the past few months for several projects. 

In August 2020, the heartthrob who starred in the iconic 2009 film ‘500 Days of Summer’ was looking for someone to read out just a Malay word for a project. 

Not too long after that, he posted that he’s also looking for “musicians, singers, rappers, and artists of all kinds to help create a song inspired by my upcoming Netflix movie, ‘Project Power’”.

New request

Gordon-Levitt is now looking for a voice talent to read out a poem in Bahasa Malaysia "for a cool short film".


The short piece of writing is poem about doors. 

Guess you'll have to translate it firstYou can send in your entries here. Only five hours after the post was shared, there are already 23 entries on the page but worry not. You still have time to send in your entry. 

Who knows? Your's might just be the one to get picked. 

If you think your translation and voice stands a chance of getting picked for the project, give it a try. Good luck! 

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