Is Disney+ Finally Coming To Malaysia? Signs Point To Yes As Social Media Pages Go Live

The wait is almost over.

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Is Disney+ Finally Coming To Malaysia? Signs Point To Yes As Social Media Pages Go Live


When Disney announced that they've hired a fellow Malaysian to lead the Disney+ team in the region back in November 2020, rumours are rife that the much-awaited streaming service is coming to Malaysian soon.

Then, news broke that Disney+ will be launching in Singapore in February, further fuelling our anticipation.

And now, it seems like our wait is almost finally over.

It's arrival is...inevitable!

It's almost here!
On Sunday (24 January), local tech site Aksiz spotted that two Malaysia-specific Disney+ social media pages have gone live on Facebook and Instagram.

Both social media pages carry the 'Disney+hotstar' handle, and both accounts carry the blue verified account tick, indicating that there are not hoax accounts.

(Side note: the Facebook account seems to have been deactivated as of 8.15am on Monday, 25 January, but the Instagram page remains online)

There's no activitity on the social media pages yet, except for this post:

According to, the same 'Loading' posts were used by Disney+ Singapore's Twitter page three days before the streaming service's official launch date was revealed on 11 December.

On top of that, Disney+ has been actively recruiting talents on LinkedIn, with Rojak Daily spotting several 'based in Kuala Lumpur' roles in the 'Jobs' section of the social media site these past few weeks:

With the launch of their social media pages and actively hiring of talents, it is only a matter of time before the service launches in Malaysia.

We've reached out to Disney to find out more about the streaming service and its impending arrival, but we have yet to hear back from them. We will update this article accordingly once we hear anything, yeah?

Who is Hotstar?

Hotstar was originally an on-demand streaming platform from India that was acquired by 20th Century Fox back in 2019, and as Disney bought over the company later the same year, Hotstar is now officially part of the House of Mouse.

Indonesia became the first country in Southeast Asia to receive the streaming service last September, under the name Disney+Hotstar Indonesia.

In Singapore, the Disney+ service will be operated by telecommunications company Starhub, who also handles the Hotstar service in the country.

Disney+hotstar in Indonesia.
With Hotstar bundled along with Disney+, Malaysians can expect more original regional content - on top of all the awesome Disney content, of course.

So, who else is excited? 

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