8 Burning Questions We Have After Watching The 'Godzilla Vs Kong' Trailer

Help us understand, please!

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8 Burning Questions We Have After Watching The 'Godzilla Vs Kong' Trailer
Warner Bros

One short trailer, so many questions.

Throughout history, we've seen plenty of rivalries: Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier, Manchester United vs Liverpool, Anwar Ibrahim vs Tun Dr Mahathir, etc.

This year, we can add one more to the list, and this should be a good one.

'Let them fight'

On Monday (25 January), Warner Bros dropped the much-anticipated trailer for their upcoming monster flick 'Godzilla vs Kong'.

As the title suggests, we will see arguably two of movie history's most popular monsters -- Godzilla and King Kong -- go head-to-head against each other in one epic boxing match.

Battle of the century?Per the official synopsis, 'Godzilla vs Kong' will follow the two titular beasts as they head towards a collision course with each other.

Kong and his protectors, including Jia -- a young orphaned girl with whom he had created a powerful bond with -- go on a perilous journey to find his true home.

But as they make their way across the planet, they unexpectedly find themselves in the path of an enraged Godzilla, cutting a swath of destruction across the globe.

The epic clash between the two titans, instigated by unseen forces, is only the beginning of the mystery that lies ahead and the extinction of monsters.  

Here's the trailer if you haven't seen it yet:

'Godzilla vs Kong' is set to hit cinemas and HBO Max on 26 March 2021 (assuming there's no delay, ugh).

From the trailer, it's no doubt that 'Godzilla vs Kong' is going to be an epic blockbuster movie, but it did leave us with some questions that seriously need some answers to:

#1 Who made these giant shackles and chains?

The company must have worked OT to build the shackles.

Look at them: they are huuuuuggeeee! The bolts on the shackles itself are the size of an adult (probably Yao Ming). So, you're telling us that there's a company out there who's specifically tasked to make a shackle the size of a four to five-storey building? Where do they keep it? How long does it take for them to make a Kong-sized shackle? Unless there are plenty of humoungous monsters to catch, we're pretty sure the company's financial reports don't look good.

#2 Can't Kong break out of these filmsy-looking chains?

'Oh no, ape stuck. What ape do now?'
Hey, remember when this badass ripped a T-Rex's jaw clean off its hinges? And we're supposed to believe that Kong can't just tug and free himself from these tali rafia-looking chains? We've seen Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson rip off his front gate using his bare hands in real life, so why can't a fictional ape do the same? Unless maybe these chains were made of the same material as a zip tie, 'cos those things are tough. 

#3 Why are we attacking Godzilla again?​

Why kacau him? :(
Didn't we already establish in 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters' that Godzilla is on our side since, you know, he almost died protecting Earth from the other Titans? So, why are we attacking him again? Why can't we trust him, especially after he laid his life down for us in the last movie? Geez, no wonder Godzilla is pissed in this movie.

#4 How is this destroyer ship supporting the monsters' weight?

Light as a feather.
Physics? What's that?

#5 How much is this city's monthly electricity bill?

Everybody gets neon lights.
Architect: 'How many neon lights should we put on the entire building, sir?'
Boss: 'Yes'.

#6 Why are researchers still wondering why Godzilla is "hurting people"?

Stupid hoomans.
Gee, we don't know; maybe because you guys tried to nuke his home and threatened to kill him since the 1930s? Maybe because Godzilla is a little pissed? We don't really know.

#7 Is Kong actually holding a weapon? 

Only Kong is worthy.
If yes, who's making glowing weapons for a 30-meter tall killer gorilla? Does that mean that all this while, Kong knows how to use a weapon? Good luck Godzilla.

#8 How is Kong almost the same size as Godzilla?

Pick on somebody your own size!
In 2017's 'Kong: Skull Island', the giant ape came in at 31 meters tall. In 'Godzilla: King of Monsters', the Lizard King measures in at a whopping 119 meters tall. But in the trailer, Kong is actually standing toe-to-toe and eye-to-eye with Godzilla. How is that possible? The producers of 'Skull Island' did try to explain that Kong was still a growing monster in the film, and even if Kong did have a growth spurt to match the size and weight of Godzilla, wouldn't that make Kong too big and too heavy to be transported on a ship at the beginning of the trailer (see picture at point #1?). Hmm, something doesn't tally, you guys.

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