We Can’t Keep Calm Because A ‘Harry Potter’ TV Series Is Reportedly Happening Soon!

Bloody hell, this is amazing!

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We Can’t Keep Calm Because A ‘Harry Potter’ TV Series Is Reportedly Happening Soon!
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For years, Potterheads have always dreamt off a continuation to the ‘Harry Potter’ saga, which ended in 2011.
Be it a movie spin-off or a new book, fans haven’t give up hope yet on the Wizarding World.
And it seems that our anticipation has paid off after news emerged that a ‘Harry Potter’ live-action series might be happening soon.

Accio, Potterheads!

Is this your favourite scene?
According to The Hollywood Reporter, the TV show is in “early development” with HBO Max as they are exploring various ideas on how to bring the beloved franchise to the small screen.
As this project is in the early stages, no writers or cast members have been announced so far.

However, there are chances that this might not be a done deal.
Both Warner Bros. and HBO Max have reportedly denied that a 'Harry Potter' TV series is in development so far, so we'll just have to wait and see for now.

Yer a wizard, Harry.
While a TV series is still shrouded in mystery, the studio could explore a wide variety of topics in the vast 'Harry Potter' universe.
From Harry’s life post-Hogwarts as an Auror, to his son’s adventure in Hogwarts, or perhaps they could even go back in time and tell Lily and James Potter’s back story prior to Harry’s birth, there are plenty of storylines to be explored.
Well, let’s cross our wands and hope that someday this ‘Harry Potter’ live-action TV show will materialise.

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