Neelofa And PU Riz Reconcile Following Controversy, Set To Announce Wedding Date Soon

Let’s pray for the best for them.

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Neelofa And PU Riz Reconcile Following Controversy, Set To Announce Wedding Date Soon
Instagram/Noor Katini

The show must go on.

Last year, local celebrity and businesswoman Neelofa shocked fans (and broke her male fans’ hearts) when she announced her engagement to celebrity preacher PU Riz, whose real name is Haris Ismail.

Then in late December, news of their rocky relationship surfaced after Neelofa’s family members, including her mother, uploaded a series of Instagram stories that netizens felt were directed at PU Riz.

However, it seems that the couple may have weathered the storms as the hijab entrepreneur was seen wearing her engagement ring again which sparked rumours about that they are still getting hitched.

The wedding must go on

Looks like Neelofa has worked things out.
According to Astro Awani, the Naelofar hijab co-founder confirmed that her relationship with PU Riz is currently stable.

The previous controversy in December was apparently due to a “misunderstanding”.

"Baseless allegations and stories only made things worse. Since the incident, our relationship is doing okay,” Neelofa told the news outlet.

“I’d be lying if there wasn’t a lot of ups and downs in our relationship. But we managed to overcome it by communicating a lot with each other.”

The wedding is back on.
She then hinted that she might be announcing her wedding date very soon.

“I will be sharing some news soon. The current COVID-19 cases are very worrying which also led to many challenges.”

“We have contacted various parties to ask their opinion on getting married during this testing time. But so far a lot of things remained unanswered or unclear.”

Riding the tide

The 32-year-old TV host got engaged to Haris, who’s six years younger than her, on 1 November 2020.

However, their relationship took a rocky turn when Neelofa’s siblings posted a series of quotes about someone’s true colours at the same time.

Her siblings in question – Ameera Khan, Athisha Khan, and Noor Nabila – were among those who posted the same quotes and unfollowed Haris on Instagram.
Neelofa’s mom, Noor Kartini, also followed suit and unfollowed her future son-in-law later in the day.

On top of that, a Twitter user by the name of @syamirasafiya02 posted a few WhatsApp conversation screenshots and claimed that it was from her sister’s friend, whose cousin happens to be Neelofa’s personal assistant, Nadiah Khairuddin.

Among the key points of the conversation is that Neelofa had secretly tied the knot with Haris during a recent trip to Kelantan, where she had met her biological father, Mohd Noor.
Among other wild allegations were that Neelofa spent millions on PU Riz and his family, as well as transferring RM100,000 to his personal account.
Pandai-pandai je...
Besides money, the conversation also mentioned that Neelofa is a victim of black magic, claiming that PU Riz had used ‘minyak pengasih’ (a type of oil used to make someone obedient towards the owner) on her.
This apparently caused an outrage among Lofa’s family, which is why her mother had ‘kept’ her at home and got her ‘treated’ traditionally.

The whole social media drama is worthy of a 30-minute documentary, to be honest. You can read more about it here.

Let’s hope the couple managed to work things out and they'll be able to tie the knot soon.

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