Sorry Boys, Your Girl Crush Emma Watson Is Rumoured To Be Engaged

Hermoine’s getting married?!

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Sorry Boys, Your Girl Crush Emma Watson Is Rumoured To Be Engaged

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no no no~

“It’s Levi-O-sa. Not Levi-o-sar!”
This is the very iconic line that made Hermoine Granger, played by Emma Watson throughout the ‘Harry Potter’ films, memorable throughout the decades.
She may have been or is still your girl crush growing up, and now, she’s about to break some hearts.

From magical things to engagement rings

Back from their trip in Mexico.
According to The Sun, Watson was spotted wearing what seems to be an engagement ring when she was seen in public with her boyfriend, Leo Robinton, recently.
Both Emma and Leo had reportedly returned from a pre-Valentine’s trip in Mexico, which added fuel to rumours of the engagement, according to Daily Mail.
It appears that she’s also suffering from a leg injury upon returning as the scooter she was leaning on is often prescribed by clinicians to help patients with knee, ankle or tendon injuries.
Apparently the couple has been together since 2019 and their relationship seems stronger than a binding spell.
They’ve also been spotted around Britain nearby Emma’s house in the past on several occasions.
Robinton and Watson were photographed out in London's Primrose Hill after grabbing coffee.
See it to believe it.
Photos of the pair going around in public emerged for the first time in fall 2019 when media outlets could not identify Leo back then.
Emma has so far neither confirmed nor denied the rumours and did not respond to any queries by the media.
Well, is our girl crush heading for the wedding altar soon? This will remain a magical mystery for now.

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