Catch Me If You Can: ‘Lupin’ May Be Getting A ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Crossover For Season 2

Can’t wait!

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Catch Me If You Can: ‘Lupin’ May Be Getting A ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Crossover For Season 2
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Must be one hell of a storyline!

Fans of the hit Netflix series ‘Lupin’ would be pleased to know that they’d be seeing Assane Diop once again in the second season of the show.
The streaming platform has announced that we’ll be treated to double the amount of episodes this time around – 10 glorious episodes – but that’s not all they have in store for us.
The story inspired by the tales of master thief Arsène Lupin will soon get to tango with another beloved character in literature history.

Lupin X Holmes

We want season 2!
According to Hypebeast, the show’s creator George Kay has hinted that he’s looking for ways to incorporate detective Sherlock Holmes into the series.
The inspiration for this actually comes from the original story’s writer Maurice Leblanc, who created Arsène Lupin in the early 20th-century.
In 1906, Leblanc issued a story that featured Sherlock Holmes, titled ‘Sherlock Holmes Arrives Too Late’.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the man who created Sherlock Holmes, immediately filed a copyright claim after seeing the use of his character, but Leblanc proceeded to portray Doyle’s character with the cheeky new name Herlock Sholmes.
Time to get this book!
“It’s not a very satisfying pun or play on words, but I do like the attitude behind it. Speaking really honestly, there have been discussions,” Kay said in an interview.
10 new episodes with a dash of Sherlock Holmes in the storyline? Please make the sequel happen ASAP!

'Lupin 2' is set to premiere sometime in the summer of 2021.

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