Timeless Classic ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ Set For A Remake After 82 Years!

The films will have a “fresh new take”.

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Timeless Classic ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ Set For A Remake After 82 Years!

Are you ready to go down yellow brick memory road?

Remember Dorothy, the Tin Man, Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion while growing up?
If you answered yes, you’re in for a whimsical treat!

‘Wizard of Oz’ eight decades later

The classic hit 1939 film starring Judy Garland has been confirmed for a new remake.

Look at how old school the poster is!
According to Variety, the film, adapted from the book written by L. Frank Baum will be directed by Nicole Kassell for New Line Cinema.
The studio promises a “fresher take” on Dorothy and the Land of Oz, adding that it can “draw on other elements” from Garland’s “Wizard of Oz” — like the prized ruby red slippers.
With the advancements in technology, including CGI (computer-generated imagery), fans can also expect a more realistic and less creepy version of characters such as the Cowardly Lion and Scarecrow.
I am exhilarated and humbled by the responsibility of re-imagining such a legendary tale. The opportunity to examine the original themes — the quest for courage, love, wisdom and home — feels more timely and urgent than ever.”
“These are profoundly iconic shoes to fill, and I am eager to dance alongside these heroes of my childhood as we pave a newly minted yellow brick road!” Kassel said in a statement.
The remake will not be a musical like its predecessor.
No word yet on who will star in the film or when will it be released, but we’re definitely looking forward to a new millennium version of ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’.

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