Malaysian Artist Swaps Disney Princesses’ Flowy Gowns With Beautiful Local Traditional Costumes

How creative!

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Malaysian Artist Swaps Disney Princesses’ Flowy Gowns With Beautiful Local Traditional Costumes

Such a talented artist.

Most girls loved watching or imitating Disney princesses when growing up.

Such fancy for the characters, combined with the love for local cultures, set a local freelance artist on a journey to create unique art: one that swaps the flowy dresses you typically see on a Disney princess with our local traditional attired.

And we have to say, the result is stunning!

A costume fit for a princess

She has a love for Disney princesses.
Farah Lina Mohamad Noor Daim told Malay Mail that her love for Disney characters resulted in her reimagining Disney princesses wearing local costumes.

According to Farah, she made sure to add details that are in accordance with the local costumes of Malaysia’s 13 states, as well as the local attired for Singapore and Brunei.

The 35-year-old artist told the news portal that the entire process -- from identifying each of the state's local attire to conceptualising the Disney princesses -- took about three months.

Judging by the end result, it's really obvious to see why it took so long.

Doesn't she look lovely?
Farah told Malay Mail that the first Disney princess she drew was Anna from 'Frozen', and she decided to deck her in a green Kebaya Perlis because she noticed some similarities between the smallest state in Malaysia and the fictional kingdom of Arendelle in the animated movie.

“That same green colour was seen when she wore her green gown during her auguration as Queen of Arendelle.

“But she identifies with the Perlis state because just like Arendelle which is a small kingdom yet powerful, Perlis is a small state and yet it is flourishing and doing well,” she was quoted as saying.

So muhibbah, kan?
Apart from Anna in the Kebaya (wow, it even rhymes!), Farah also created Rapunzel in Baju Melayu, Princess Jasmine in a saree and Mulan in a kebaya with Chinese collar blouse.

So Muhibbah, kan?

“I am blessed to live in a multicultural country where I can learn about the cultures of other races and also know about their attire and design them according to their styles," she told the news portal.

You can check out more of her gorgeous artwork below:

Farah's artwork proved to be quite popular on social media, as her post has been shared more than 4,200 times on Facebook.

You can follow Farah on Facebook by clicking here, and we suggest you do because she posts some really awesome stuff.

Keep up the good work, Farah! We definitely love your artwork.

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