Explained: The Drama Of Janna Nick, One Old Instagram Story And Millions Of Angry K-Pop Fans

This is not good.

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Explained: The Drama Of Janna Nick, One Old Instagram Story And Millions Of Angry K-Pop Fans

Janna Nick got herself into trouble again.

Thanks to how big K-pop is around the world these days, it is wise to not tick them off because K-pop fans are crazy passionate. 

If you're unlucky enough to draw their ire, god bless you because hell hath no fury than K-pop fans scorned.

Unfortunately, local actress Janna Nick did not get the memo.

Over the weekend, she got into a squabble with several factions of K-pop fans, and that resulted in a massive firestorm on Twitter, Janna Nick deleting her social media accounts and a police report lodged.

So drama, kan? 

Let us explain what happened:

An old Instagram story

What have you done this time, Janna?On Saturday (20 February), the 'Kimchi Untuk Awak' actress drew the wrath of K-pop fans when an old Instagram Story posted by her in 2018 resurfaced.

Fans claimed that Janna was being disrespectful to the late Jonghyun, the vocalist of popular K-pop band Shinee, who took his own life back in 2017.

In the eight-second video, the 25-year-old was seen at a hair salon with fellow actress Sharifah Sakinah, where the former was dyeing her hair blonde.

After catching a glimpse of Janna's blonde hair, Sakinah asks, "That’s the dead one, right?", indirectly referring to Jonghyun.

Janna then can be heard laughing out loud to Sakinah's question.

Here's the video in question:
If that wasn't enough, Janna also incurred the wrath of fans of BLACKPINK after her production company had disrespectfully named a character in her movie after Lisa Manoban.

The movie 'Delen', which also happens to be Janna's directorial debut, featured the character “Lisa Blackpig”, played by newcomer Annie Mosha.  

Janna promoted the character on her Instagram page, calling her an "attention seeker".

To make matters worse (girl can't stop, huh?), when fellow actor Nazim Othman joked about the name in the comments, Jannah replied with: “Oink oink.”

Girl, you gotta stop!
Yup, you can already foresee what's coming after that.

Social media firestorm

And what came after was a massive firestorm.

Both Janna Nick and Sharifah Sakinah's names were the top trending topics on Twitter over the weekend, with Janna attracting most of the hate.

Fans of Jonghyun were up in arms as they admonish her on Twitter.

Spoiler alert: it was brutal:
Of course, BLACKPINK fans did not let her off so easy as well:
After Janna's video and her tweet about BLACKPINK reached the ears and eyes of other K-pop fans around the world, local K-pop fans have reported that they are being kicked out of fan groups for "being Malaysian":

The aftermath

After becoming a source of ridicule the entire weekend, Janna has deactivated her social media pages:

Even her production company's social media pages have also been deactivated:

Janna later released a 11-minute video, apologising to K-pop fans for causing unnecessary drama.

She even swore on the Quran, saying that she didn’t hear Sakinah’s comment as the salon was noisy.

“I had no idea that the thing she said was referring to the deceased.

“I don’t care if people say I’m playing the victim because I’m being honest,” she said in the video.

If you have 11 minutes to spare, you can watch her apology below:

The other actors who were directly or indirectly got dragged into the drama, Nazim Othman and Sharifah Sakinah, have also issued their own apologies:

Police report lodged

Just when you thought Janna Nick would let things cool down after issuing an apology, because that's the most sensible thing to do, she did the complete opposite.

On Sunday (21 February), after getting abused by K-pop fans the entire weekend, Janna has had enough and decided to lodge a police report.

If you can't beat them, scare them.
She announced via a tweet on her now-deleted Twitter account that she had screenshot all the hurtful things hurled at her online, and "action will be taken against the cybercrimes committed."

That should be enough to have K-pop fans shaking in their boots, right? Well, no.

Within 30 minutes after her police report got out, the hashtag #jannanickisgoingtojailparty began trending on Twitter:
  Yikes, we guess the intimidation didn't work at all. Well, we wish Janna Nick the best of luck. 

Let this be a lesson to all of us: be extra careful of what you say online, because who knows, a slip of a tongue could result in millions of fanatics around the world breathing down your neck.

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