Four Years Later: Local Actress Raja Ilya Finally Reveals She Was Shortlisted As ‘Ms Marvel’

We have the juicy details!

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Four Years Later: Local Actress Raja Ilya Finally Reveals She Was Shortlisted As ‘Ms Marvel’
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Raja Ilya tells it all after four years.

Back in 2017, local actress Raja Ilya became the talk of the town after she revealed that she is working on a Marvel project.
Due to her involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), she reportedly underwent some procedures and rigourous training in order to prepare herself for the role.
But in the end, she told Berita Harian that she had to turn down the role in the undisclosed Marvel film.

After years of guessing, we finally have all the answer to the burning question we’ve had years ago: which Marvel movie was the actress talking about?

From Malaysia to Hollywood


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The 35-year-old actress recently spoke out about her past experience auditioning in Hollywood and to clear up the air via her Instagram in a two-part video.
“I’ve sent audition tapes previously for ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’, “Jurassic World 3’, 'The Matrix' reboot and ‘Ms Marvel,” Raja Ilya said.
“The auditions took place at the end of 2017 and throughout 2018.”
According to her, she was shortlisted for the titular role of Kamala Khan in ‘Ms Marvel’, but didn’t get through to the second stage.

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Besides movies, she was also offered a role in a Netflix series, which she ultimately turned down the role after finding out that she must pose nude in an incubator in one of the scenes.

“The money is good, the opportunity is good, and the company is big but am I going to do to that or not? So I decided, no.”
“For me, I don’t feel comfortable to be nude in a scene, to have any sexual scenes, I’m just not comfortable with it.”
“From now on, I won’t be sharing any more news or stories about my audition until if it’s confirmed.”
Raja Ilya now resides in Australia with her husband, Trent.
The Ipoh native added that she got to know casting agents by joining international platforms or clubs that offer opportunities for non-Caucasian actors/actresses.
So that’s the tea for today, folks! Hope this satisfied everyone’s curiousity years ago.

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