Checkmate: Will ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Be Returning For A Second Season?

Anya Taylor-Joy is bae.

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Checkmate: Will ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Be Returning For A Second Season?

We want season 2!

Who would’ve known, a game like chess considered to be so mundane or slow in real life would bring excitement to viewers on Netflix.
‘The Queen’s Gambit’ starring Anya Taylor-Joy as the titular character, Beth Harmon, inspired thousands of viewers across the globe to pick up the board game.
After the success of the limited series adapted from the novel of the same name, many fans were left wondering if there would ever be a continuation to Beth’s story. 

“Never say never”

Who was your favourite character?
In an interview with Deadline, the Argentine-British actress finally addressed the one thing we’re dying to know.
“It is obviously incredibly flattering that people want to spend more time with characters that we care so much about and that we poured so much love into,” Taylor-Joy said.
“But we did intend it to be a limited series, so we were all quite surprised when people started asking for Season 2. That being said, never say never.”
The show, which follows chess champ Beth Harmon through the trials and tribulations of child stardom and life for a female star in the 1950s and ’60s, saw Taylor-Joy embracing chess for the role.
Beth proving 'em boys wrong.
While the fate of the second season still hangs in the balance, the hit Netflix series is now headed to Broadway.
Entertainment company Level Forward has the acquired theatrical stage rights to the story of orphan-turned-chess prodigy Beth Harmon, and plans to develop the property into a stage musical, as reported by Deadline.
No word yet on who will be casted for the musical.
In the meantime, let’s hope a second season of ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ eventually materialises.

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