Popular 90s TV Show ‘Keluang Man’ Is Set To Return In A New ‘Cinonet’ Series

This show brings back memories!

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Popular 90s TV Show ‘Keluang Man’ Is Set To Return In A New  ‘Cinonet’ Series
Quest Studio

Time to take a walk down memory lane...

Just mention the word ‘Keluang Man’ to any 90s kid and they’d instantly be reminded of the iconic theme song.
Before ‘Boiboiboy’, ‘Ejen Ali and the likes dominated our TV screen, we were entertained by the caped crusader who escaped from a mental hospital named ‘Keluang Man’.
And those who grew up watching the animated series are in for a nostalgic treat as the show is making a comeback!

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Posted by Quest Animation Studio on Saturday, 13 March 2021

Quest Animation Studio recently announced that a new ‘Keluang Man’ series would make its debut soon in a much cuter and smaller version (known as 'cinonet' in Malay).
The series is an effort by the studio to bring back the iconic character to this era, in a bid to prove that it is indeed and evergreen series loved by all.
The storyline will be fresher and relevant to today’s society plus, fans can also expect new characters.
A quick check on the studio’s YouTube channel shows an experimental trailer for ‘Keluang Man Legasi-X’ and this could mean that there is a possibility of two new series for the show.

‘Keluang Man’ was created by the late Kamarudin Ismail@ Kamn Ismail and was broadcasted from 1996-1998 on TV1.
No word yet on when ‘Keluang Man Cinonet’ will debut, but let’s hope it happens real soon!

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