Throwback Time: Local Shows From The '90s That We Remember With Fondness

They don't make 'em like that anymore

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Throwback Time: Local Shows From The '90s That We Remember With Fondness
If you grew up in the '90s, before Astro was available in pretty much every household or OTT such as Netflix and Amazon Prime were available, it's quite likely that you would have caught many local productions on television that you probably remember till today. 

The cancellation of the popular Malay series 'Gerak Khas', which had an impressive 20-year run, got us all nostalgic about all the shows we watched growing up. 

You can read all about the end of the popular cop show here: 'Gerak Khas', Malaysia's Longest-Running Series, Finally Ends After 20 Seasons

Here are some we love and miss the most! 


Who could forget this beloved sitcom released in 1998 starring Lina Teoh, Mano Maniam, Douglas Lim and many others? 

We know there was an attempt to revive the series a couple of years ago, but the original one will always stay close to our hearts! 

Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu

A diverse cast was only one of it's plus point

We love 'Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu' for many reasons. It was funny, had a diverse, relatable cast and is a perfect watch after a long day. 

If, like us, you too miss the show, you can watch the full episodes on TV3 Official's YouTube channel

Roda Impian 


"Saya putar, Halim!" 

Mention the Malaysian version of 'Wheel of Fortune', and those who watched the show will probably respond with that iconic line. 

We used to love sitting in front of the television, trying to guess the phrases and feeling all superior when we could, but the contestants couldn't! 

Di Mana Joe Jambul

The trailer may not look like it but 'Di Mana Joe Jambul' was actually a children's game show. 

It was fun and educational at the same time. 


Cili Padi

The cast of Cili Padi in 1993

The most famous of the actors and the lead character of 'Cili Padi' is Jaafar Onn but the kids were still the stars of the show. 

Many of them have disappeared from the screen, but we will forever remember the show and characters that made our childhood fun. 

Spanar Jaya

One of the best shows on TV

'Spanar Jaya' was first released in 1999 and was shown on NTV7 for a few years.

There was an attempt at a revival a few years ago, but we guess that didn't do as well as the original sitcom. 

You can watch full episodes of the series on NTV7 Official's YouTube channel

Kisah Benar


Ooooh... we totally remember that opening score! 

It brings back memories of religiously watching the show for all the drama.

We don't remember everything about the show but have a vague recollection of no longer watching it as it got too difficult to believe some of the stories were really "true" as the title suggests. 


To be honest, we don't actually remember what this show is all about but the song is still stuck in our heads after all these years. 

That alone makes this show worth a mention, in our opinion. 

Keluang Man 

Way before the abomination that was "Badang" came out, we had our very own superhero show which was actually good: 'Keluang Man'! 

It was funny and had a good storyline that kept us waiting eagerly for each episode. 

Usop Sontorian 

Remember Usop, Dol, Abu, Singh, Ah Kim, Vellu, Abang Budin, Ayam Selebet and others? They were part of the first-ever local animated series and were very popular back then. 

Some of the racial stereotypes may not go down too well nowadays, but it was a pretty good show for the time.

We could go on and on with this walk down memory lane, but we shall stop here. What were your favourite shows from the 90's?

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