Neelofa Faces Backlash For Going To Langkawi After Her Wedding But Here’s The Real Story

Never short of drama…

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Neelofa Faces Backlash For Going To Langkawi After Her Wedding But Here’s The Real Story
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Went to Langkawi to oversee a Chatime outlet?

There's been no shortage of drama on the world wide web this past week or so, all mainly due to people flouting the COVID-19 SOPs.
And the latest person to irk netizens is local celebrity Neelofa.
The entrepreneur recently got married over the weekend at Grand Hyatt KL to Haris Ismail, or also known as PU Riz, in a lavish but controversial wedding.
But what surprised netizens was the fact that she and her husband flew to Langkawi on Monday (29 March), right after the wedding.

Honeymoon in Langkawi?

Netizens speculated that the couple was off for their honeymoon at St Regis Langkawi, which irked netizens as it meant that she obtained permission from the authorities to cross borders while 'normal' Malaysians are not allowed to do so.
Photos of her in the beautiful island surfaced on social media and Neelofa has kept mum about her trip.

Netizens were definitely unhappy with the news and they took to Twitter to express their frustration about the double standards treatment she's getting.

A business trip?

However, in a turn of events, Chatime Malaysia issued a statement later, saying that Neelofa was apparently in Langkawi for a work trip on behalf of the company and she is also set to visit other new outlets in Sungai Petani, Kedah and Kangar, Perlis.
The Naelofar co-founder also uploaded a series of Instagram stories showing a note and a few drinks from Chatime about their collaboration.

As for the permission to cross borders, Malay Mail reported that Brickfields deputy police chief Supt Basri Sagoni says that Neelofa and three others were granted permission to travel to Langkawi and Kedah, but only for business purposes and not for her honeymoon.
Basri said the clearance was given by officers at the Sri Hartamas police station, since they said the trip from 27 March to 4 April is for business, which they claimed involved local beverage company Chatime Malaysia.

“They are scheduled to arrive in Langkawi on 29 March and will remain there until 2 April before visiting the Sungai Petani and Kangar Chatime outlets on 3 April,” the deputy police chief said.
“Therefore, I would like to emphasise that the permit issued by the Sri Hartamas police station was for work purposes and not to honeymoon.”
After facing backlash from netizens, Chatime Malaysia has deleted the tweet that contained the press statement regarding Neelofa’s trip.
So, what do you think? Is she really on a work trip that so happened to be right after her wedding, or was it a case of “sambil menyelam, sambil minum air”?

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