Scarily Good: Local Horror Flick 'Miimaland' Wins Big At Film Festival In Toronto

It won two awards

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Scarily Good: Local Horror Flick 'Miimaland' Wins Big At Film Festival In Toronto
Remember Malaysia's first theme park "Mimaland" which was opened in 1975 but closed its door in 1994 after a landslide damaged the place?

Well, the theme park is still there, although abandoned and with all kinds of things growing there. 

Like most abandoned places, it's pretty eerie. It's no wonder that Mico Studio (M) Sdn Bhd decided to produce a horror movie based on the location. 

Although the movie only received a 5.1/10 rating on IMDb, it recently won two awards at the AltFF Alternative Film Festival Spring 2021 in Toronto, Canada.

Best Horror Film and Best Director

Director Nevin Hiong won the 'Best Director' category, while the movie itself won the 'Best Horror Film' category at the film festival, Benama reported. 

Hiong told the news agency that the team was only trying their luck sending the movie to international festivals but didn't really expect to win, especially in light of criticism the movie had received previously. 

"So, we are proud of this victory because it is important for the team and at the same time this success will be our benchmark for our future films," he told Bernama.

At least they won some awards.
This is not the first time the director has worked on a horror movie but it would be the first time he directed one. 

Hiong has worked as a cinematographer in several local horror flicks such as 'Cerita Kita', 'Nasi Kangkang', 'Jin', 'Cerita Hantu Malaysia' and 'Highland Tower'. 

'Miimaland' was released in September 2020 and tells the story of a group of content creators who goes to the abandoned theme park to shoot but unknowingly awaken some spirits.

One by one start dying and it's up to the rest to figure out the mystery and come out alive. 

The movie stars Fattah Amin, Sophia Albarakbah, Hazzy Halzeeq and Camelia Natasya. 
Congratulations, Hiong and team! 

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