Neelofa Says She’s Thankful For All The Free Marketing We’re Giving To Her And Chatime

So… there will be another outlet in Langkawi?

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Neelofa Says She’s Thankful For All The Free Marketing We’re Giving To Her And Chatime
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Can't wait to see how this outlet will look like since Neelofa had to travel all the way there...

It seems that the controversy surrounding the whole Neelofa-Langkawi-Chatime vs netizens kerfuffle hasn’t died down yet.
Both Neelofa and Chatime received backlash after the company said that the TV host was apparently on a business to trip to the island for the sake of overseeing the launch of several new Chatime outlets in the northern coast.
It instantly became a trending topic on social media and now, Neelofa herself has finally addressed the whole debacle.

Free marketing for future outlet

Via her Instagram stories, the Naelofar co-founder said, “Calm down everyone. We haven’t even launched it yet but there’s free marketing throughout the country.”
“Thank you Allah for the blessing, now millions know my future Chatime outlet in Langkawi opening soon.”
Several netizens were unhappy with her statement and said she was arrogant for saying so.
Interestingly, Chatime Malaysia Group Managing Director Aliza Ali is also now in Langkawi overseeing the future outlet location with Neelofa.
According to Aliza’s Instagram stories, the next outlet will be opened at the Langkawi Cable Car station.
A new outlet in the skies?
Would the outlet ever materialise? Only time will tell.

Neelofa and PU Riz were recently entangled in a slew of controversies after they got married in a wedding ceremony that broke several COVID-19 SOPs and flew to Langkawi just two days after.

The police are currently investigating her wedding.

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