This PDRM Notice On Interstate Travel Went Viral, Netizens Are Blaming A Local Celebrity For It

Double standards?

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This PDRM Notice On Interstate Travel Went Viral, Netizens Are Blaming A Local Celebrity For It
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Who's to blame for this new memo?

Interstate travel during the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) became a hot debate between netizens recently after several social media influencers and local celebrities allegedly abused their travel permission.
Some took the opportunity to go on a honeymoon (ahem!), and some said they were on a business trip but was seen doing leisure activities (double ahem!).
This led to multiple investigations against said persons of interests over an alleged breach of COVID-19 standard operating procedures (SOP).

PDRM: We want to see your itinerary!

Itinerary: Naik cable car, main jet ski
Following the slew of controversies, a picture showing a memo from one of the local police stations went viral on social media recently.

According to the memo, anyone who would want to travel interstate would now have to produce a detailed itinerary of their trip along with other supporting documents.
The police office in charge would also have to be more thorough when giving approval.
On top of that, those who approach the police station with only a copy of their MyKad to apply for the permit will be rejected.

Netizens are not happy 

Netizens were enraged over the memo and blamed irresponsible influencers and celebrities for making it harder for them to apply for permission.
A majority of the wrath was directed at one person: local celebrity Neelofa.
Her recent trip to Langkawi right after her wedding in order to oversee a potential Chatime outlet raised eyebrows nationwide.

To make things worse, the 32-year-old was spotted taking part in leisure activities while she and her husband were at the island.

The police have said that they will be calling in the couple to record their statements regarding to the matter soon.

Shame? What's that?

Meanwhile, Neelofa seems unfazed about the whole backlash and even thanked everyone for the free marketing we’ve been giving her.
According to Malay Mail, the Naelofar co-founder says she doesn’t have to justify to everyone about everything.
“I don’t have to justify anything [to the public], let me settle this with my own way, privately and professionally.
“I don’t have to tell every detail, I only need to settle this with relevant parties only,” she was quoted saying by Malaysia Gazette.

She also added that the trip has been planned for “months in advance” as it was for work purposes.

Neelofa is currently working with Chatime to open several outlets in Langkawi Island and wanted to complete her planned work before the fasting month begins.
Besides Neelofa, an influencer couple recently went viral after they openly spoke about crossing states for their honeymoon and even tried to teach netizens how to obtain the permission letter from the police.
After investigations, it was learned that the couple had lied about going on a business trip and went for their honeymoon instead.
What do you think? Will interstate travel be harder for us peasants following these controversies?

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