‘Penunggang Agama’ Rakes in RM2 Million At The Box Office And Will Debut In Singapore Soon

Wow, the film must be good!

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‘Penunggang Agama’ Rakes in RM2 Million At The Box Office And Will Debut In Singapore Soon
Astro Shaw

Well done!

Astro Shaw and Skop Productions, two of the biggest production houses in Malaysia, announce the release of horror thriller film ‘Penunggang Agama’ in Singapore cinemas from 15 April 2021.
As the first Malaysian film to release overseas since the COVID-19 pandemic, fans in Singapore can enjoy the film in eight Cathay cinemas: AMK Hub, The Cathay, Orchard Cinelesirure, Downtown East, West Mall, JEM, Causeway Point and Parkway Parade.
Since its Malaysian premiere on pay-per-view Astro First channel on 25 March 2021, ‘Penunggang Agama’ has raked in RM2 million within two weeks.

The film has received positive feedback from fans locally and regionally, with the film’s message gaining the interest of fans, local artistes and popular talents.
‘Penunggang Agama’ stars Zul Ariffin, Nasir Bilal Khan, Azira Shafinaz, Puteri Nurqaseh, Salina Saibi, Johan As'ari,, Sabrina Ali, Datuk Jalaludin Hassan and is directed by Syafiq Yusuf.
“Since its release, Penunggang Agama has successfully achieved among the top 10 collections for a horror film on Astro First of all time. I thank all fans
for their support on Malaysia’s Largest Home Cinema, Astro First,” Raja Jastina Raja Arshad, Vice President, Head of Astro Shaw & Nusantara said.
“We also look forward to the possibility of ‘Penunggang Agama’ making its debut on local big screens as well, for a varied cinematic viewing experience. I hope this films release in Singapore will be the precursor to many more films premiering across shores after more than a year.”

‘Penunggang Agama’ revolves around Amir and Anna, a couple who are both religious preachers facing difficult challenges because of Amir’s step-mother, Datin Maria, who experiences supernatural disturbances.
Dato Hafsyam, Amir’s father decides employ the services of a ‘religious healer’ named Tok Haji Mansur. Amir eventually exposes how Tok Haji Mansur is not a respected preacher, but instead a fraudulent traditional healer who uses Islam as a front, and the disturbances experienced by Amir’s stepmother is caused by Tok Haji Mansur himself to profit from victims like Datuk Hafsyam.
You can still catch ‘Penunggang Agama’ on Astro First (CH 480), Astro GO, or On Demand.

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