'The Bald Uncle Is Not Me': Rapper Joe Flizzow Says He's Not The Road Rager In Viral Video

Same same, but different.

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'The Bald Uncle Is Not Me': Rapper Joe Flizzow Says He's Not The Road Rager In Viral Video

Does look a bit alike, no?

Not all Malaysians are graceful drivers on the road, so it's not unusual to see incidents of road rage making their way onto social media once in a while.

However, this recent road rage incident had one of Malaysia's more prominent rapper hilariously trying to deny his involvement.

Mistaken identity

It all happened when two videos showing four men assaulting a motorist and damaging his vehicle went viral on social media recently.

In the videos, the men can be seen smashing and breaking the victim's car windows using sticks and wooden bats.

Here's one of the videos:

However, it was the second video that got the netizens attention as one of the attackers bear very similar resemblance to local rapper Joe Flizzow.

Here's the second video:

Netizens obviously found the resemblence hilarious, and that led to Flizzow’s name being one of the top trends on Twitter not long after.

Memes also started being shared because, well, Malaysians:

That's not me!

While netizens started roasting and meme-ing the attacker, the humorous side of the video got even more funny when Flizzow himself took to Twitter to deny his involvement in the road rage incident. 

He said in a 15-second video that "the bald uncle" in the video is not him.
“I want you to listen. Just this one time, just one time only.

“The bald uncle (in the video) is not me!,” he explained.

Well, it's a good thing he cleared the air, because he definitely do not need "road rager" written on his resume.

Perpetrators caught

Meanwhile, the four men who was caught on camera assaulting the motorist had been arrested, Malay Mail reported.

The Royal Malaysia Police of the South Klang district said in a statement cited by the news portal that all four suspects tested positive for methamphetamine and currently being investigated under Section 394/427 of the Penal Code.

According to the report, the victim was driving along Taman Sentosa in Klang with his cousin when the four men in a white Honda Civic hit their car from behind.

The men then started damaging the victim's car, and one of them even took one of the victim’s phone before fleeing the scene. 

We are glad that the road ragers have been caught. Let's just hope that they stay in the slammers for a little bit.

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