Neelofa Says She Has No Intention To Mock Burger Seller, But Wants To Help Pay RM50k Fine

Kesian abang burger…

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Neelofa Says She Has No Intention To Mock Burger Seller, But Wants To Help Pay RM50k Fine
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RM50,000 is a lot!

Yesterday was a very emotional day for Malaysians after a small time burger seller, who was operating a stall in front of his house, was fined RM50,000 by PDRM.
To make matters worse, Neelofa and her family were slapped with fines totalling up to RM60,000 on the same day for breaking various Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) during her grand wedding and her supposed work trip to Langkawi.
Coincidentally, the TV host uploaded an image of a burger to her Instagram stories, saying that she wants to "have a burger for moreh".

Justice for abang burger?

This did not sit well with netizens as they felt that she was mocking the trader who was served with a steep fine compared to her.
Neelofa then tried to clear the allegations against her and said that a lot of people had misinterpreted her post.
“Before I posted the photo, my lawyer has contacted the abang burger tu and we have also contacted the police to ask his details to help pay for his compound.”

She then shared a screenshot of the conversation between her and her lawyer, who was trying to get the burger seller’s details.
The Naelofar co-founder recently made headlines back to back since her wedding and received much criticism from the public over her breach of SOPs.
No information so far on whether her attempt to help the burger trader from Kota Bharu has been successful so far.
The seller, Wan Mohd Faisal Wan Kadir, was fined for operating his burger business in front of his house past the regulated time of 10pm.
He said he had actually closed down the stall and was preparing an order for factory workers.

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