“We’re No Longer Working With Neelofa” – Has Swarovski Cut Ties With Neelofa? Here's What Happened

Surprise, surprise?

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“We’re No Longer Working With Neelofa” – Has Swarovski Cut Ties With Neelofa? Here's What Happened
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Is this the end of the road for them?

It looks like Neelofa’s shine may be fading soon after consistently making headlines for all the wrong reasons since her controversial lavish wedding in March.
From flouting Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to being fined a total of RM60,000 (for her and her family members), looks like some fans have began to lose faith in their idol.

And now, it seems that not only fans are turning away from her, apparently, her long-time client Swarovski has also severed ties with the TV host.

Brighter together no more?

Neelofa for Swarovski's ad campaign.
The brand is probably the first to publically announce that they are no longer working with the Naelofar co-founder.
The statement was made based on a series of replies to netizens, who enquired on Twitter whether the brand would continue working with her in the future following the controversies surrounding her.
“Thank you for reaching out. We can confirm that we’re no longer working with Neelofa,” Swarovski said in a reply.

However, a few hours after responding, the brand strangely deleted all of their tweets in regards to Neelofa.
Several netizens, who were happy with the news, took the opportunity to recommend popular local actress Fazura as Swarovski's next celebrity ambassador.

Neelofa responds

It wasn’t long until Neelofa herself spoke up about the matter, however.

The 32-year-old took to her Twitter to confirm that she's no longer the brand ambassador for Swarovski - only because her contract ran out.
“My contract with Swarovski ended in December 2020 but we still have a good relationship and will remain that way. Hope this clarifies,” the 32-year-old tweeted.
Neelofa was appointed as Swarovski's brand ambassador in 2017, becoming the first hijabi to appear on the brand's billboards and ad campaigns.
Now we wonder who would be their next ambassador. Place your bets, fellow Malaysians!

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