Fans Cannot Wait To Watch The Finale For ‘Projek Anchor SPM’ Premiering On 3 May

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Fans Cannot Wait To Watch The Finale For ‘Projek Anchor SPM’ Premiering On 3 May
Astro Citra

Few more sleeps to go!

‘Projek Anchor SPM’ is about to end its voyage as the final episode of the series is set to premiere this coming Monday, 3 May.
The show initially made headlines after it was allegedly accused of plagiarising hit Thai film ‘Bad Genius’.
As the eight-episode series progressed, fans started to fall in love with the plot and characters and were surprised with how different it is then the Thai film.

Fans are eager for the finale

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Over on Twitter, netizens have expressed their excitement for the show’s final chapter and some even demanded that a second season be created.
Others who were initially turned off or uninterested with it admitted that they eventually fell in love with the story after giving the show a chance.
‘Projek Anchor SPM’ stars Aedy Ashraf (Aizat), Daiyan Trisha (Aaida), Shasha Abedul (Jaja), Nadhir Nasar (Hilmi), Chubb-E (Botol), as well as local industry OGs Adlin Aman Ramlie, Hasnul Rahmat, and Susan Lankester.
Inspired by true Malaysian stories, the show revolves around a group of Form 5 students at a prestigious boarding school, Tengku Isa Anuar School (STIA) in Cameron Highlands.
#TeamHilmi or #TeamAizat?
The group conspires to come up with mass cheating to help their friends succeed in the SPM examinations and to also help prevent Aizat from being expelled.
Catch the final episode of ‘Projek Anchor SPM’ on 3 May 9pm on Astro Citra (CH 108 HD/CH 128), or stream on Astro GO or On Demand.

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