Monsta's BoBoiBoy Raya Advert Secures Top Spot Among 2021 Raya-Themed Ads On YouTube


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Monsta's BoBoiBoy Raya Advert Secures Top Spot Among 2021 Raya-Themed Ads On YouTube
We've had a number of memorable Raya advertisements this year, but one advert featuring a popular local superhero has climbed to the top most-watched spot. 

Monsta's BoBoiBoy advert called 'Memori Eidulfitri' stole the hearts of many with its message calling for us to appreciate every moment and reminding viewers that each moment is a chance to create new memories.

According to a report by Bernama, the four and a half minute advert features scenes of the BoBoiBoy family generation on the morning of Syawal, in three different time periods.

The first features Amato (Mechamato; who is BoBoiBoy’s father) as a teenager; then Amato with his young son BoBoiBoy; followed by BoBoiBoy as a teenager. 

Viewers love the advert

Top viewed Raya advert.

In a statement, Monsta head of brand and international sales, Faiz Zainal Aabidin said the advertisement had a great impact on viewers who were going through a similar situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“On average, the audience was touched and relieved to see the memories of BoBoiBoy with his father Amato, and also felt the sadness of BoBoiBoy who missed his parents after years of not meeting them face-to-face.

“This year’s advertisement is indirectly a special gift from Monsta to their fans for their constant support to the local animated series BoBoiBoy and Mechamato,” he said.

There was also a special treat for fans of BoBoiBoy. 

The advertisement festured the appearance of two new main female characters - Umi, BoBoiBoy's grandmother and a mustery woman in a blue robe said to be BoBoiBoy's mother.

A treat for fans.

To date, the Memori Eidulfitri advertisement has reached 1.9 million shares on BoBoiBoy’s official Facebook page.

#MemoriEidulfitri and #BoBoiBoy also started trending in Malaysia and Indonesia hours after the video was officially released. 

Well done to the peeps at Monsta.

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