Our Favourite Childhood Film ‘Monsters Inc.’ Is Getting A Spin-Off Show On Disney+

Took them 20 years…

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Our Favourite Childhood Film ‘Monsters Inc.’ Is Getting A Spin-Off Show On Disney+

Can't wait!

Mike and Sully is making a grand comeback after two decades and this time, things have changed.
From their ‘Monsters Inc.’ days of scaring unsuspecting innocent children, now comes a new era for them to collect laughter instead of terrified screams.
So, here are a few things we know about the upcoming ‘Monsters At Work’ from their recent press conference.

“It’s laughter we’re after”

As one of the characters said in the trailer “Scarers are out, jokesters are in”, fans can anticipate what type of storyline will be in the new series.
The events in ‘Monsters At Work’ take place right after ‘Monsters Inc.’ when Sully and Mike discover that laughter generates ten times more energy than screams.
And if you’re hoping for the return of an iconic character (read: Boo), sorry to disappoint you but she won’t be in the series this time around.
Several new characters will be added to the roaster such as Val (Mindy Kaling), Tylor (Ben Feldman), Fritz (Henry Winkler)and Duncan (Lucas Neff), who will help add more life and humour to the story.
Meet Fritz, Cutter, Tyler, Duncan, and Val.
Just like everyone else, the cast members and production team were also affected by COVID-19 and had to resort working remotely from home.
When Bob Peterson, who plays Roze, went to the studio for his recording session, he was surprised to find out he was the only one there and everyone else was waiting for him on screen.
‘Monsters At Work’ is slated to premiere on Disney+ on 2 July 2021.

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