Going International: Local Martial Arts Movie 'Geran' To Be Screened In The US

Great news for local movie industry.

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Going International: Local Martial Arts Movie 'Geran' To Be Screened In The US

'Geran' is going international, you guys!

Over the years, we've seen plenty of local movies getting attention and recognition worldwide.

We can add another movie to that list.

Something to be proud of

Local martial arts film 'Geran' is set to be screened in the United States starting this week, New Straits Times reported.

The movie, which was directed by Areel Abu Bakar, will be screened on the digital platform Hi-Yah beginning 4 June under the name 'The Deed Of Death'.

(Side note: the English titles sounds very Bruce Lee-ish, don't you think?)

Areel shared the wonderful news on his Facebook page on Sunday (30 May):

He wrote that the team's efforts to introduce local arts and heritage to the world is paying off.

"Efforts to introduce our cultural arts and heritage to the international stage has become a reality. Screening across America on June 4, 2021," he said.

On top of that, Areel said that this marks the first step of wonderful things to come for the team behind 'Geran'.

"I hope the collection can be used as capital for us to create an upcoming work instead of relying on help from other people who might not share the same direction.

"Look out for the next story 'Walid'," he added.

Score one for local silat films!
This wasn't the first time 'Geran' received recognition on the world stage.

The local silat movie also won the Daniel A Craft Award at the New York Asian Film Festival 2020, and we have a feeling more awards and recognition will roll in soon.

'Geran', which tells the story of two siblings from a silat family who have to find their younger brother as he ran away with the land grant, stars Namron, Feiyna Tajudin, Khoharullah Majid and Fad Anuar, to name a few.

Well done, #TeamGeran! We can't wait for your next movie!

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